Author Chat with Julie Smith of "Master the Media" and Digital Literacy Professor Teaching critical thinking skills for digital literacy


Adobe Education


April 26 at 5pm Pacific (San Francisco)

Author Chat with Julie Smith, Master the Media 


Are you curious about how to teach media literacy and digital citizenship?   Or want to improve the way you process your own media intake?

Join the Adobe Author Chat on Wednesday April 26 at 5pm Pacific, with Julie Smith, digital literacy professor and author of Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy can Save our Plugged-In World.  Julie will share the history, purpose and messages behind the media, and she will discuss:

  • Ideas for designing lesson plans that equip students with skills and awareness, enabling them to recognize fake news and bias in media
  • Ideas for teaching critical thinking and active listening for media literacy and digital citizenship topics
  • How to encourage students to verify before they share information online


When: April 26, at 5pm Pacific Time (time converter)


Who: All Adobe Educators

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Author Julie Smith

Julie has been teaching media literacy and media-related classes at the university level since 1997.  Julie currently teaches at both Webster University and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, in the U.S. 

She is the author of “Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-In World”, and over the last three years has traveled all over the U.S and Europe helping teachers and parents with media literacy, digital citizenship, classroom engagement and social media.   

Julie is currently working on a book advocating for more engagement in the college classroom.

Julie is on the Leadership Council of the National Association for Media Literacy and the Executive Board for the Gateway Media Literacy Project.


Learn more about Julie Smith from her website.